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GPS is here to work with your student from the initial consultation through the transition to college and everything in between. We offer a range of packages to fit your student’s college planning needs. 

Our initial meeting is designed to get to know the student and review the student’s progress in high school. Through this in-depth consultation, we will build a road map for your child’s college planning. 


  • Discuss student’s learning profile and progress to date.

  • Review student’s academic records, testing (including educational testing, IEPs and 504 plans), extracurricular activities, and outside interests.

  • Discuss student’s strengths, interests, goals and learning needs and recommend high school courses and testing plan.

College List Development 

The college list is a culmination of extensive research and focuses on the student’s needs and preferences. This plan includes the Consultation plus the following:

  • Develop a list of colleges based upon student’s learning profile and preferences, including size, location, academic offerings, campus culture, and learning support.

  • Revise and refine list as students and families visit schools and gain a clearer understanding of interests and fit.

Essay Coaching

Drafting the personal statement is often the most stressful part of the application.  We work closely with the student and provide guidance throughout the process.

  • Assist students in brainstorming ideas that can be developed into a compelling personal statement.

  • Support student in drafting personal statement and review for structure, grammar, style, and voice.

Comprehensive Application Plan

This is GPS’s most popular plan. This plan includes the Consultation, College List Development, and Essay Coaching plus the following:

  • Advise on test taking schedule, high school courses, summer programs, and accommodations.

  • Prepare students for college visits including questions to ask admissions and accommodation offices.

  • Provide interview coaching.

  • Set timeline for college application deadlines and guide student in preparing applications.

  • Support student in drafting supplemental essays including brainstorming and reviewing for structure, grammar, style, and voice.

  • On-going communication with student and parent throughout entire college process.

  • Compare acceptance letters and assist student in final school choice. 

Hourly services available

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